How to: Self-care Your Way into Being More Productive

Words by Garance
Illustrations by Anna

Ever witness yourself slowly being more and more unable to keep up with healthy habits?
Ever since school started and work has been eating up more and more of my time, it’s been harder to keep up with everything I’ve got on my plate, to say the least.

But in order to keep my head above water, I’ve slowly been developing a routine – so these are my tips, for you to add to your own routine (or to help you build one).

To listen while reading:

🇫🇷🇬🇧 Parts of this article are translated in French/des extraits de ce post sont traduits en français

1. Move



2. Treat Yo' Self


3. Declutter your environment


4. Plan

5. Just do it!


Feel free to comment your own tips for everyone to see!!! In the meantime, see you next Monday 💛 xo